Rap hooks are so important in modern hip-hop and trap music. It’s the part of the song that everyone wants to sing along to—it’s what makes your song memorable.

The art of writing good rap hooks is nuanced yet simple—many of the best rap hooks are just a few catchy words, repeated over and over.

That works for two reasons—human ears love repetition, especially in music and the most relatable ideas are often easiest to convey in a few words.

Some of the best rap hooks are ridiculously simple—I’m thinking of Lil Yachty in Minnesota or Future in Mask Off.

But, like all forms of hook writing, creating your own rap hook can be really hard.

There’s no specific way to capture lightning in a bottle and find those magic words without experience, dedication and time writing lyrics and experimenting in the studio.

In general, the best rap hooks convey a funny, relatable, catchy or emotionally captivating message.

Kickstart your creativity with rap hook sample packs

One great way to get to start working rap hooks into your beats and rhymes is by working with a rap vocal sample pack.

You might not even need to write a rap hook if you can find a great royalty-free rap acapella too!

These sample packs have all kinds of vocal samples, ad-libs, comps and more to help you find a great rap hook for your track.

The best rap hooks convey a funny, relatable, catchy or emotionally captivating message.

Whether you’re writing your own part, or if you’re looking for some background vocals to support your hook—you definitely need to check out these packs.

Here’s the seven best rap hook sample packs on LANDR Samples.

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Drill music and UK grime are two unique genres of trap music that we’re destined to create UK drill.

This UK Drill sample pack embodies everything you hear in beats used by Skepta, Pop Smoke, JME and others.

The pack also comes with some excellent vocals including Skepta style hooks, acapellas and ad-libs.

The pack comes with some excellent Skepta style hooks, acapellas and ad-libs.

If you’re looking for a rap hook to fit your grime or drill beat, check out this pack.

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Phantom is a collection of rap vocal parts that sound similar to the game’s biggest rappers.

You’ll find entire vocal parts, rap hooks and ad-libs with rap parts that sound very similar to Big Sean, Rich the Kid, Drake and others.

I think this pack represents a huge opportunity to put juicy rap hooks on your beat.

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While it was once a bit of a mean nickname, mumble rap is now a huge sub-genre of modern trap music.

Except, today’s mumble rap artists are pretty impressive for their ability to deliver a slick flow with unique words and rhymes.

Listening to this sample pack reminds me of classic mumble rap pioneers like Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty.

If you’re looking for rap hooks and ad-libs inspired by the genre, definitely check out Mumble Rap.

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Rapper Vocals is one of those sample packs that says what does on the tin—it’s chock full of verses, rap hooks, ad-libs, one-shots and much more.

Some of the best rap hooks are ridiculously simple.

Rapper vocals have everything you need, whether you want a rap hook to throw over your chorus section or an entire rap acapella to arrange over your beat.

Don’t sleep on this pack if you’re looking for some great rap parts that work well over trap, hip-hop, boom-bap or any style of rap music you want to produce.

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Hype and Gangster Vocals is another rap vocal sample pack that really focuses on rap hooks and vocal parts that accommodate everything from hip-hop and trap to even EDM style music.

You’ll hype build-up vocals, hard-hitting hooks, huge background ad-libs and even a few verses to try.

If you’re looking for a simple, pop-friendly rap hook to try in your track definitely give this pack a try.

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Didn’t find what you were looking for in Rapper Vocals? Well, take a look at Rapper Vocals 3 (and yes, there’s also a Rapper Vocals 2 to check too).

Much like its predecessor, Rapper Vocals 3 is full of verses, ad-libs, rap hooks and much more.

Except, it’s got a new set of excellent MCs and vocal ideas to sample and try over your track.

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Ultra G-House Vocals 2 is a bit different from the other sample packs on this list.

While it does have plenty of rap parts, rap hooks and background ad-libs, it also focuses on pop vocals that work well over trap beats.

So much about trap-type beats has translated into modern pop music, so it makes sense why a sample pack like this works so well.

If you’re looking for a vocal melody line, verse or vocal hook to try over your trap beat this is definitely a good pack to start with.

Of course, we’ve covered melody line sample packs in a past article, if you’re looking for vocal samples to contrast your rap vocals.