Beats rarely sound complete without a solid vocal sample or rap part.

It’s all part of the arrangement process that every beatmaker goes through when working with a rap artist.

Sometimes, finding a rap artist to work with isn’t possible especially if you’re just getting started.

Sure you could try arranging a beat under a popular rap artist’s vocal sample, that’s a great arrangement practice technique!

But, if you want to publish a track with a vocal sample without the worry of copyright infringement or being taken down you need to use royalty-free samples.

To help you find a rap vocal you can easily use in your track, here’s the 10 best royalty-free rap acapella sample packs.

Stellar is a huge sample pack that took OCTVE over two years to compile.

With over 500 unique vocal, verses, chants, and one-shots this is a great place to start looking for rap acapellas and more.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Full Acapella Jae R Benjamin

Rap Genius a smaller sample pack that focuses on some niche sounds from the 90s and 2000s era of hip-hop production.

The pack was designed by producers who worked on tracks for Eminem, Wu-Tang Clan, and Jedi Mind Tricks to name a few.

Our favorite sample from the pack: BRWH 92 Brain Vox

Rap in Asia has taken off in popularity, so it makes sense that producers are looking rap acapellas in Chinese.

In this sample pack, you’ll find a big selection of pop and rap vocals sung in Mandarin and English.

Our favorite sample from the pack: CPV Kit 1 V Rap Vox

Sometimes a vocal sample is what you need to turn the energy up to eleven.

This party-ready sample pack is full of hyped-up rap acapellas and pop vocals.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Vocal Chop 02

Young Chop is the king of drill music, he’s credited with inventing the Chicago based subgenre of trap.

In this kit, you find several chants and vocals typical in that style of beat production.

Our favorite sample from the pack: El Chopo Chant 13

Fat Sound puts out great throwback sample packs that pay homage to the old-school days of hip hop.

In this sample pack, you’ll find some great rap acapellas and chants to use in your hip-hop beat.

Our favorite sample from the pack: RAWN 90 Vox Scratch

Add the sounds of west coast LA hip-hop to your track with a rap acapella from Chronic Sounds.

Find samples that reimagine the days when Dr. Dre ruled the airwaves with unique LA sound.

Our favorite sample from the pack: MNGM 88 Scratch Vocals

Pop vocals are often used in rap tracks, especially in the chorus.

In Hybrid Pop Vocals you’ll find a selection of different vocal styles to use in your track.

Our favorite sample from the pack: PLHPV Kit 1 Acapella

Cassius Jay is a legendary Atlanta producer with credits on major trap artists from Migos to Cardi B.

His sample pack comes with a selection of vocal samples that evoke the sounds of Atlanta trap.

Our favorite sample from the pack: CJ Vox ATL

LANDR Samples is constantly adding new vocals and acapellas to its collection of royalty-free samples.

Just use the browse tool and filter for exactly what you need and you’ll get a big selection of results!