TikTok’s greatest thrill is the feeling of finding the perfect backing track for your video.

Whether it’s a group dance, a funky guitar part, or a sunset longboard cruise—putting those moments to music just feels good.

Sure, it’s mind-blowing that TikTok lets you access pretty much any song ever made to use as the soundtrack for your video.

But there’s something to be said for creating a TikTok video set to a beat you made.

Now and then, why not upload your own music and keep your creations 100% you?

Seriously, it’s easier than you think to make a beat for TikTok.

It’s easier than you think to make a beat for TikTok.

That’s because LANDR and TikTok have teamed up to create a fast and easy way to connect TikTok fans with Creator—the beatmaker for LANDR Samples.

Here’s how literally anyone can grab a free sample pack, make their own beat and get it on TikTok within seconds.

How Creator for TikTok works

If you haven’t checked Creator out yet, you definitely should.

Creator makes it super easy to hear how up to eight different samples sound when played together.

You don’t even have to worry if those samples are in key or in time—Creator will do all the time stretching and pitch shifting for you.

All you have to do is find some cool samples, create a vibe and share it on TikTok.

All you have to do is find some cool samples, create a vibe and share it on TikTok.

Here’s how to create a custom TikTok beat with Creator

  1. Make a loop with Creator on LANDR Samples (more on that later)
  2. Once your loop is ready, click or tap the TikTok icon
  3. Follow the instructions to link your TikTok account
  4. Watch for a notification in TikTok to use your Creator track
  5. Create a video with your Creator track

The coolest part about Creator is that you don’t really need any music theory or production knowledge—Creator does all the pitch shifting and time stretching for you!

Creator does the technical work so you can focus on finding samples that really represent your sound.

Make a Beat for TikTok With Creator

Here are a few ways to approach your first Creator loop.

How to make your first Creator loop

Your first step is to head over to LANDR Samples—it’s a pretty big sample library with a lot of sounds anyone can download and use in their music royalty-free.

Don’t let the size of the LANDR Samples library overwhelm you. There are plenty of curated collections that’ll help you find samples once you have a genre in mind.

1. Pick a genre

Pick a genre of music that you’ve always wanted to create. It’ll help you know which sample packs to look at since genre is generally the main driver of inspiration for a sample.

What music do you love?

What music do you love?

Hip-hop and trap? There’s a sample pack for that. Country? There’s a sample pack for that. Epic trombone? There’s a sample pack for that and pretty much everything else.

Once you have your genre in mind open up creator in the bottom part of LANDR Samples and start looking for your first loop (only loops work with Creator, one-shots won’t work).

2. A drum loop to add a backbone

Being a drummer myself, maybe I’m a bit biased—but I’m convinced that drums are a big part of what defines a genre.

While the same chords and notes are used across all forms of (western) music, rhythm varies much more significantly—even if some genres make use of more complicated chords.

I think that’s because drums are like a rhythmic skeleton or frame that you need to dress with colors and body parts.

Drums give you a blank template, so my recommendation is to start here and find the right drum part for your vibe.

Drums are like a beat’s rhythmic skeleton or frame.

Once you find a drum loop, just hit the headphone icon to add it to your new Creator session.

3. Find a bassline and some pads to fill out space

The bassline is the part of your track that fills out the bottom end and determines the root note of your track.

@landrmusicThis is the way…to make ambient pads. ##starwars ##musicproducer ##producertok ##beatmaker ##learnwithme ##learnontiktok ##fypシ♬ original sound – LANDR

For those who don’t know, the root is the same note as the key of your track. But, if you don’t know much about music theory don’t worry—Creator will shift any sample to any key you choose.

What you should be paying attention to is the tone of the bassline. Do you want a huge 808 bass tone, a funky bass guitar lick or a recorded bass synth loop?

Pads help to fill out your track as well, since they’re ambient by nature a droning pad in the background can help with filling out space and adding a certain vibe to your track.

It always helps to adjust the levels of your bass parts and background pads to taste—just tweak the volume knobs in Creator and dial in your sound.

4. Look for a melody line that fits the vibe

Melody lines, or top lines, are the part of your Creator tracks that listeners will predominantly hear.

Most melody loops fit within the higher register of the keyboard and will have lots of notes for the listener to catch on to.

The best way to find one is by browsing through melody loop packs to find a catchy hook.

5. Get a vocal loop to add a lyric dimension

Lyrics add a ton of meaning and interest to any track. If you’re not ready to sing or rap over your beat for TikTok there’s a lot of vocal loops and rap loops available to check out on LANDR Samples.

Whether you want a rap hook, sung melodies, an acapella or any kind of vocal for your track there’s so much to play around with on LANDR Samples.

I think vocals make your track multi-dimensional, especially given the added meaning lyrics give any track.

6. Be creative and just try whatever!

The coolest thing about making music (and being creative) is that there really are no rules. With Creator you can assemble anything and it will sound great.

Whether you choose to loop eight trombone samples, or loop creepy halloween samples—you can literally make anything.

Just get in there and start experimenting with whatever you want!

7. Share your beat on TikTok

Once you’re satisfied with your Creator loop just smash the share to TikTok button and link your account.

You’ll find your loop available in TikTok’s library right away and you’ll get a notification pointing you in the right direction.

Now that you have your personal track it’s up to you to use it in your video, whether you want to perform over it, sing to it or do a kickflip to it!

Make a Beat for TikTok With Creator

Adding beats to TikTok is super fun

TikTok is so special because of how it makes using music and video together super easy.

But making TikToks with your own original music adds a whole new level of creativity and satisfaction when you smash that post button.

With Creator and TikTok you can make your beat and get it on TikTok in seconds—it’s seriously that easy.

What are you waiting for—try it now and share it with us on TikTok with the hashtag #madewithcreator.

Don’t forget to follow LANDR on TikTok too! We just might duet your beat and share it with our followers.