House music brings the dance floor to life, it makes any room feel like there’s a party going on—even if you’re completely alone.

It’s a special genre to enjoy and it’s even more fun to create!

House is a sample-based genre in many ways, so it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of great house samples out there to use royalty-free.

Here’s the ten best house sample packs we think are worth your attention.

You can’t start anywhere better than with Cr2’s Classic House Anthems.

This sample pack has inspiring lead lines, epic house violins and bouncy basslines to get your house set going.

It’s an inspiring place to find new ideas fast and get the dance floor hyped up.

Slap House is a modern, more athletic take on house music.

The sample is high-energy snaps, from bristling organs, sawing synths and heavy-hitting percussion.

For a high-energy track that’s guaranteed to get all the fans pumping their fists, this sample pack is worth a look.

No house track is complete without honest-to-goodness vocals from a DIVA.

No house track is complete without honest-to-goodness vocals from a DIVA.

It’s really hard to find royalty-free house-inspired vocals like these, so don’t sleep on this pack.

It really adds another dimension to your track when you use memorable vocal samples like these.

Roger Sanchez is a legendary house producer who’s well respected as an early producer in the house music scene.

In this exclusive sample pack, he’s opened up his library of incredible synth loops, organ parts and more.

Get Roger’s library of incredible synth loops, organ parts and more.

The pack even includes pristine samples of Roger’s TR-909.

Personally, this is my favorite sample pack on this list—I downloaded it immediately when it first came out and have used it many times.

House Creations is a great effort from Engineering Samples to recreate the sounds of big names from the house DJ scene.

You’ll find throbbing organs, bouncing synths, psychedelic synth loops and percussive drum loops.

For the Ibiza sound you’ve been looking for, this sample pack is definitely one to check out.

Vocal House Anthems focuses on sung melody lines that are primed for your next house track.

You’ll find entire verses and choruses that evoke the fun of dance floors and late nights.

For your next house anthem, you won’t find better royalty-free vocal hooks than these.

Minimal house is a really fun genre to produce because it’s the details that draw in interest and make a track stick out.

Jackin & Tech is a great place to go for interesting minimal house-style samples that’ll raise eyebrows at even the most sophisticated nightclubs.

Get interesting organ sounds, punchy one-shots and more!

Oldschool house is my personal favorite house genre, so that’s why this pack is my second favorite on this list.

It’s authentic to that classic house sound with plenty of TB-303 style bass lines, punchy TR-909 style drums, classic house organs and memorable vocal samples.

Find classic house sounds with plenty of TB-303 style bass lines

Don’t skip this pack if you’re in the mood to make classic house music.

Outdoor bars, beach parties, wild nights. They’re coming back, right? Right??

I certainly hope so. Maybe this summer will be the best summer ever for Summer House Vibes.

Get warm, nostalgic and sunny house samples to inspire your next summer anthem.

We’ll be partying on the beach one day soon. Maybe we’ll be partying to your summer house vibe!

The keyboard is an integral part of any house track—whether that be the organ, synth or piano.

That’s why this sample pack is worth checking out, it’s chock full of great piano samples that are begging to fill out your house track.

You’ll find classic house piano licks, bouncy organs and huge synths.