When it comes to making music, tools like online audio editors deliver some big benefits. From ease of use to affordability, these platforms have a lot to offer.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about online audio editing platforms. What you’ll find here will help you pick the best one for your music production needs.

What is an online audio editor?

An online audio editor is a platform that allows you to record and edit music in your browser or web-based mobile app. Online audio editors are different from traditional DAWs because they operate online through an internet connection. The software for most DAWs has to be installed on your computer and doesn’t require an internet connection to run.

Cloud computing and lightning-fast internet speeds allow the production work you’d normally do on your computer to be done online. These platforms can be used anywhere over your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Why use an online audio editor?

The biggest reason you should use online audio editors is convenience. These platforms can be used anywhere as long as you have a solid internet connection.

The biggest reason you should use online audio editors is convenience.

Traditional DAWs are more powerful and flexible than online audio editors. But if you’re looking for something easy to use or are learning to make music for the first time, online audio editors are a great way to go. These editors don’t come with the steep learning curve that DAWs do.

Online audio editors allow you to make music instantaneously without committing to the workflow of a traditional DAW.

Sure, these platforms aren’t stacked with as many features as normal DAWs, but they’re much more nimble. But, they’re perfect for spontaneous music production and creating on-the-go with smartphones and tablets.

The 10 Best online audio editors for music production

Here’s the best online audio editors that caught our attention.

1. Creator from LANDR Samples

Let’s kick things off with Creator, the beatmaker for LANDR Samples.

Now, most online beat makers won’t qualify as an audio editor because they usually sequence preset samples.

Creator separates itself from the crowd because it allows you to combine up to eight real audio samples from LANDR’s extensive sample library.

What’s more, Creator will time stretch and pitch shift any audio samples into any set BPM or key, meaning that you can hear how any sample sounds together no matter its key or tempo.

Creator will time stretch and pitch shift any audio samples into any set BPM or key

It’s a powerful in-browser tool that makes finding and matching samples within LANDR’s sample marketplace easy and super fun!

Try it out for free, make a beat and share it with us or your friends!

2. TwistedWave Audio Editor

twisted wave online audio editor

TwistedWave’s Audio Editor platform might not be the slickest, but it’s one of the easiest to use. It’s ideal for recording ideas on your phone and editing them later. The platform automatically stores and processes files on your Google Drive, so you won’t have to download them.

TwistedWave offers free and paid subscriptions, with the free tier allowing you to edit files up to five minutes long.

3. Audacity


This open-source platform is free, easy to use, and full of great features. It offers production effects options and high sample rates.

You’ll find everything you need here to create and experiment intuitively.

While it’s not an online DAW that can be accessed from a browser—it’s still one of the best free DAWs out there!

4. Audio Trimmer

audio trimmer

Audio Trimmer is designed to make music and audio production as easy as possible. It’s free to use and is streamlined for quick and easy editing sessions. Plus, there’s a nifty online ringtone feature.

5. Bear Audio Tool

bear audio tool

This online audio editor is packed with stellar features. From pitch effects to YouTube export options, the Bear Audio Tool is great for music production.

There’s even a royalty-free music and sound effects library to explore.

6. Audio Joiner

audio joiner

This free audio editor doesn’t come with fancy production assets that others offer on this list.

However, it’s extremely easy to use and good at combining audio tracks. It supports more than 300 audio formats over an intuitive editing platform.

Audio Joiner isn’t ideal for exploring complex music production, but it’s great for capturing ideas and splicing them together.

7. Soundtrap

Featuring all the basics you’ll need to record and produce, Soundtrap was the first music-centric online audio editor. This platform is sleek, easy to use, and offers great collaborative features.

But if you want to access this stellar platform, you’ll need to pay a modest monthly subscription fee.

Online audio editors allow you to make music instantaneously without committing to the workflow of a traditional DAW.

8. Audio Tool

Packed with over 250,000 samples, and 50,000 device presets, Audio Tool is great for electronic music producers. It’s free to use this sleek modular-based platform. There’s also a large creative community engaged with this audio editing tool.

9. Bandlab

Bandlab is a unique online audio editor because it allows you to connect instruments to mobile devices. It’s free, hosts an active creative community, and offers excellent collaborative features. Bandlab can even be used for music education in the classroom.

10. Amped Studio

This sleek online audio editor is designed for spontaneous music creation. Something completely unique you’ll find here is the ability to convert vocals into MIDI data.

While Amped is free to use, you’ll gain access to more features and effects if you pony up for the premium subscription.

Edit audio anywhere

Traditional DAWs are great, but creating with online audio editors comes with big perks.

Most of the options on this list are free, and all are easy to use. And unlike the DAW on your computer, many editors help you create on the go.

Since inspiration usually doesn’t work around your schedule, online audio editors are great for creating anytime and anywhere. And if you’re just starting out, they’ll help you create quickly and easily.