AI algorithms are constantly changing and refining as they learn.

Just like a real person, machine learning tech takes time and resources to improve on its goal.

That’s why LANDR’s instant mastering engine has the best performance in its class.

With nearly a decade of development and 19 million tracks mastered, LANDR is the most advanced AI mastering tool ever.

But that doesn’t mean there’s nowhere left to go.

This spring, we’re releasing one of the most exciting core engine updates ever for LANDR Mastering.

It’s called Synapse and it’s a huge step forward for the most powerful tool on the LANDR platform.

Here’s everything that’s coming in LANDR’s Synapse engine update.

Improved sound quality

Quality is everything when it comes to your sound.

Mastering needs to bring out the best in your mix and give it the polished, professional sheen of a big-budget production.

That’s why processing quality is front and center in the Synapse update.

Mastering needs to bring out the best in your mix.

By increasing the resolution of basic operations within the engine, Synapse is able to deliver critical performance improvements.

You can expect:

  • Tighter, more focused lows
  • Additional depth and dimension
  • Increased clarity across all frequency ranges

Synapse’s improved resolution brings it one step closer to the magic of analog mastering gear in smoothness and detail.

Smarter compression

Applying compression well is an art.

The best engineers know how to use it to pump up the weight, power and intensity of a track.

But most importantly, they know how to do it musically. Smart compression should always breathe with the song.

Getting it right takes awareness of the track’s musical content and its rhythmic and dynamic qualities.

Smart compression should always breathe with the song

Synapse’s compression engine is now able to react to a far wider range of dynamic inputs to deliver intelligent gain reduction for any type of source sound.

This even includes subtle material with less obvious transients. It means the compression used in your master is more closely tailored to the track’s basic musical qualities.

The result is smoother, more stylish compression that sounds transparent, yet pleasing.

Better loudness

Loudness is the most important job in mastering. But it’s also the easiest to get wrong.

A well-mastered track needs to hold its own on playlists and sound bold and authoritative on any speaker system.

A well-mastered track needs to hold its own on playlists and sound bold and authoritative on any speaker system.

At the same time, it needs to deliver these huge levels without clipping, distortion or other unwanted artifacts.

Squeezing precise levels out of a stereo file may seem like a purely technical operation, but it takes a lot of finesse to make it sound good.

If you’ve ever heard a master that sounds, flat, lifeless and fatiguing you know what I mean.

That’s why Synapse is fine-tuned to deliver the best possible performance at high loudness settings.

These critical ranges are challenging even for experienced human mastering engineers. But optimizations to Synapse’s AI make it possible to achieve them with confidence.

Master a track now to see what Synapse can do for your sound.

More customization

A real automated solution has to work in every situation where you need mastering.

That’s why we built Synapse with comprehensive features to suit how you work.

Whether you’re mastering a single or an entire album, LANDR can give you a coherent sound that fits with your vision.

Customize the characteristics of your track with mastering styles and intensities or go for a specific sound with reference mastering.

That’s the kind of flexibility you need to make mastering work for your project.

Engine of progress

Synapse is the result of years of AI research, machine learning and audio expertise.

It’s the best LANDR engine yet, and we’re proud to have built it so creators can do their best work.