Thousands of artists trust LANDR Distribution to get their tracks on streaming platforms worldwide. But did you know we listen to every single submission? Here’s a taste of some of the incredible talent that comes through our distribution community.

If you didn’t know, February is a very big month in the music industry.

That’s because February is a very common month for releasing new music, especially for new, break-out artists.

It makes sense, since you want your album to get traction before festival season hits and touring starts.

February is also a good time to release for new artists because they won’t have to compete for attention with all the big artists who will likely drop their albums in the spring when people start searching for their 2021 summer anthem.

Anyways, that’s enough business advice.

There was a ton of great music that came out via LANDR Distribution this month. Here’s a handful of artists that caught our attention!

By the way, if you want to hear this music in one place, we’ve got a Spotify playlist with all these artists and our picks from previous posts.

This neo-soul track from Brooklyn-based Lowhency Pierre was the standout track on this list.

In Losing, Pierre sings about drawing boundaries, healing and the importance of self-love.

Pierre sings about drawing boundaries, healing and the importance of self-love.

It comes together when he sings:

I cannot help you heal from things I did not cause

That pressure’s way to much for me

I thought I told you that I am not a concept

I’m just another guy trying to find peace of mind

I can’t be around to provide yours

It’s a raw and powerful track from the budding artist.

Next up is some electronic instrumentals from STCKMN.

This is a sweet drum and bass release with some epic drop and cool production.

Sadly I couldn’t find very much about the artist online, so consider yourself to be in the know about some really niche, underground music.

These days is a classic track written by Nico of Velvet Underground fame.

This impassioned cover from indie rock veteran Rachel Fannan dutifully pays homage to the legendary song while adding a tasteful modern twist.

I think you can really hear the singer connecting with the lyrics to deliver a meaningful performance and message.

Hot tip: LANDR Distribution does cover song licensing, so if you are interested in publishing a cover of your own we’re here to help!

Here’s an excellent hip-hop track from Ottawa-based MC Marvin Esso.

The Love of My Life is the standout side A of a recent two-side single that came out earlier this month.

The song reflects on a successful romantic relationship, with a spoken aside before the beat drops and the chorus hits.

Esso shows his singing and rhythmic skills, delivering well on both sides of his production.

For a passionate and romantic rap tune, the rapper certainly hits the mark.

Medieval I is a super unique album from BOREJ that combines some interesting influences.

True to its name, Medieval I clearly take inspiration from medieval sounds of days past by combining downtempo electronic with lilting fugues and pastorals.

In some ways, it’s part of that baroque pop, chamber pop trend that cropped up in indie music circles.

Hopefully, we’ll get to hear how BOREJ is exploring and recontextualizing medieval sounds for the long term!

I love ambient music. It helps me focus on work, calms me down when I’m stressed.

That’s why I enjoyed Long Earth Trading Company’s new album Tjugoett.

The minimal Swedish project is true to its roots on opening track Ett, with interesting drawn-out pads contrasted with pulsing synth stabs.

As a whole, the album is another great entry into the ambient music cannon.

The album is another great entry into the ambient music cannon.

Glitchy and intense yet clever and sonically interesting is how I would describe this album from Japanese duo Watasino and Nakamuro Syuto.

In Back and Forth the two artists got together to collaborate on a sonic collage that marries intense sounds with interesting arrangement choices.

This glitchy record is certainly something to check for the experimental electronic fans out there.

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