I’m stretching the rules a bit here as this one was released in 2019. But with so many tracks being added to our catalog, I’m literally crate-digging for some unique finds!

Jakarta-based indie rockers Jirapah are stalwarts in Indonesia’s burgeoning indie scene.

With bands like Bedchamber, Atsea, Heals, Sajama Cut and more, the country has captured and localized an era of guitar-driven indie rock and—in my opinion—made it better.

Recollapse is a collection of singles spanning 7 years. From psych-rock revival (“Snake Kills Child”) to 00’s alt-rock (“Drowning Madonna”), there’s a lot to love about this compilation album.

My personal favorite is “Daggers”. Initially released in 2014, the track feels almost like a riff on early Interpol, embellished with a lo-fi, slacker-rock aesthetic that totally fits my vibe.