A perfect vocal line isn’t worth anything if you can’t sing it.

Delivering a great vocal performance may seem effortless for the pros, but any great take requires chops to execute.

One of the best ways to improve your vocal tracks is to focus on your singing.

You don’t have to be a natural talent to get a compelling vocal that compliments a song well.

But taking the time to work on your singing will improve your results no matter what.

Practicing doesn’t have to mean endless repetitive takes during recording. In fact, practicing your vocals this way is often the least efficient way to improve.

Instead, work on your ear training and music intervals to improve the fundamentals you need to nail your vocal takes.

Vocal practice is essential, but warming up the right way can make a huge difference for your vocal takes right away.

Find a good warmup and get into the habit of using it every time you sing for an extended period.

You’ll be much more confident going into a vocal session if you’re well warmed up and ready to sing.

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