There’s no instrument that’s more associated with pop music than the guitar.

It’s been a staple in almost genre of modern music since the 60s. Even today it’s still used in trap, lo-fi and electronic music.

But writing and recording a guitar part can be a challenge, especially if it’s not your main instrument.

To help you get started making music faster, we’ve compiled this list of the 10 best guitar loops available right now.

Saturated and drenched in chorus is maybe the best way to describe the characteristics of Ben Pleasant’s second guitar sample pack.

Full of trendy lo-fi inspired jazz chord voicings, plucky melodies and somber soundscapes—you’ll a greeting starting point for your next track.

Our favorite sample from the pack: anewmorning.acousticguitarchords.100BPM.Eminor

Take your tracks into the stratosphere with Fender Wasteland, the new Fender inspired guitar-laden sample pack from Kits Kreme.

You’ll find spaced out samples, melody loops and chord loops that feature sunny Stratocasters, low-key Jazzmasters and twangy Telecasters.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Guitar Chord Filtered G Minor 100BPM

The glint of polished guitars in stage lighting and the roar of a crowd behind a crunchy guitar lick is what Indie Pop Guitar evokes for me.

Get those classic sounding guitar riffs and find the perfect starting point for your next alt-rock inspired track.

Our favorite sample from the pack: 07 Electric Guitar IP1 11 – 101 BPM – C

It’s not a secret that the guitar is a prominent part of most lo-fi style hip-hop—it just sounds so good to through a little bit of warble and saturation on a guitar part.

That’s exactly what you’ll find in Osaka Sound’s Lofi Guitar Jams sample pack. Look here first for the perfect guitar loops for your next lo-fi track.

Our favorite sample from the pack: OSDD_Guitar_Chord_10_keyGmaj_90bpm

Forget hair metal, trap and hip-hop are where the world’s newest rockstars are born. That’s why many of the world’s biggest trap artists are gravitating to the guitar.

This sample pack delivers on the new trend with brooding guitar parts, emotional melodies, country pickin’ and heavy licks that are ready for any emo trap track.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Dark Guitar Melodic 170 BPM D#min

Funked Up Guitars is exactly what it sounds like: a big selection funky guitar parts.

From chunky chords, noodling solo’s and plucky notes–here’s a great selection of every classic funk guitar sound in the book.

Our favorite sample from the pack: gt F127 05

Dave Forman is a guitar virtuoso who’s worked with everyone from Bruno Mars to Snoop Dog.

If you’re looking to sample the best of the best in your tracks, Dave Forman’s sample pack is a go-to.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Uncle-Dave-Riffs_keyBbmin_92bpm

Sunny guitar parts that remind you of summer, sun-soaked days at the beach and warm evenings are what this sample pack is all about.

Get beachy riffs on electric guitar and acoustic guitar and add a ray of sunshine to your track.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Guitar Melodic Chord 102BPM A Minor

Low-key and cloudy is the best way to describe the feeling this sample pack evokes.

For that classic saturated, hissing, tapey lo-fi sound that beatmakers love these days, this sample is worth perusing.

Our favorite sample from the pack: SLFG_068_Guitar_80_BPM_Emin_FX

Africa is where most necked string instruments originated from, so it’s no surprise there are many different styles of guitar playing from different African cultures.

This sample pack comes with a handful of guitar loops that are inspired by the Mbira and Soukous style.

Our favorite sample from the pack: 100 BPM – D – Song 1 – Rhythm 2 – pan left