There are a few factors to consider before uploading your track to LANDR. Here’s a few tips for getting the best possible results:


To get the most out of LANDR, it’s best to upload your track in a lossless, uncompressed format – like a WAV or AIFF format. MP3s are compressed and don’t contain the full information of your song, so they are not recommended for uploading.

Bit Depth / Sample Rate

When exporting or bouncing your final mix (also known as a premaster) it’s important to set the bit depth / sample rate of the file as high as possible – 24bit/96kHz or higher is recommended. The lowest we recommend is 16bit/44.1kHz. Keep in mind the upload limit per track on the website is 1GB.
Also be sure not to add any dithering – LANDR will do that for you.

Leave the Master Fader to Us

Please don’t add any plug-ins or processing on the master fader of your digital recording device; we know it’s tempting – trust us – we won’t lead you astray.


This is really, really important. If you don’t leave headroom, your mastered track will sound distorted and fuzzy – and not in a cool way. We recommend -6dBFS. To do this, you’ll need to lower all of your faders so your master output peaks at -6dBFS.