OddKidOut stands out. 16 bars into any of the Philadelphia born producer’s beats and you’ll understand why. At just 22 years old, OKO—real name Butch Serianni—is an old soul.

His music is immediately modern while staying true the historical weight of the records he samples and the production pioneers that came before him. Through a process that’s equal parts modern music tech, classic sampling techniques and real drumming, Serianni turns his NI MASCHINE into a chopper’s symphony.

OKO stopped by the LANDR LA studios to walk you through his approach to composing, sampling, and how he blends the past with today to arrive at his own signature sound. Serianni also shares how his drumming career started in a booster seat, why his neighbours hated him, and how he finds success self-releasing music on his own. Watch above.

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